2" Faux Wood Inside Mount Horizontal Window Blinds Natural 67.5"x36"

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Our inside mount Faux Wood blinds offer advantages that wood cannot. Our Faux Wood slats are made of a polyvinyl blend that is warp resistant and are best suited for humid conditions, making these blinds ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Our Faux Wood material is also Greengard Certified for both Air Control Quality and Children and Schools. If you don't see the size you require here, call us at 1 (844)482-5463. All sizes listed are made to order. MEASURING INSTRUCTIONS: Please do not use the measurements of a blind that needs replacing. Instead, please measure the exact width and length of the inside of your window casing. Those measurements are what you will order as an inside mount. For example, if your window casing is exactly 35 inches wide and exactly 64 inches long, you will order a 35 x 64 inside mount blind. The blind will be made to exactly 34.5 inches wide so that it will fit inside a window casing that is exactly 35 inches and the valance will be exactly 35 inches wide. For more guidance, please read our measuring instructions located in our photos or contact us. If we do not have your exact window dimensions listed on Houzz, select the closest size that you need and contact us to let us know what the exact dimensions of you window casing is so that we can make your blind(s) accurately. Our blinds are recommended for window casings that are at least 3.25" deep because if less than that, the blinds will protrude and you will be able to see the metal installation brackets from a side angle (VALANCES DO NOT COME WITH CORNER SIDE PIECES.) All computer monitors are different from one another, therefore, the colors that you see online may not be 100% accurate to what you see in person. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND requesting FREE COLOR SAMPLES from us so that you are completely satisfied. If you love a good deal, then you'll definitely love the purchase price on

2" Faux Wood Inside Mount Horizontal Window Blinds Natural 67.5"x36"!

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2" Faux Wood Inside Mount Horizontal Window Blinds Natural 67.5"x36".

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