955823 AS Creation Aisslinger Wallpaper Roll

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Wallpaper accent wall is a new trend and we at Designers Wallpaper have a solution - modern and stylish non-woven wallpaper from leading European designers for any taste and styles to choose from-5 Reasons to Use Nonwoven Wallpaper-The most user-friendly options available on the market today-Special blends of natural materials makes Nonwoven Wallpapers washable and easy to clean-Easier to handle due to its tear resistant properties, making it very easy to place on the walls-Great for DIY projects since the wallpaper is just so easy to install and remove-Breathable fibers so there will be no mildew or mold growing behind itNon-woven wall paper is also DIY-friendly. Instead of pasting the paper, you paste the wall with a brush or paint roller. The result: quicker application and less mess. This paper generally is easier to remove. We've shopped the web for you, pulling tons of styles, brands, and deals for

955823 AS Creation Aisslinger Wallpaper Roll

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