Bloem 36 oz. Aqua Rite Watering Cans Set of 12 Union Red

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Description:Our Aqua-Rite Watering cans live up to their name with user-friendly handles for precise watering and easy carrying. All have tapered spouts ideal for tending potted plants. New one-piece construction eliminates leaks. Made in the USA.Features :Perfect for indoor plants.Available in a variety of colors.Holding capacity up to 36 ounces.Item Dimension: 3.75" D x 11.38" W x 7" H.Item Weight: 0.16 Lbs.MPN: AW1512-12 This deal has already been going fast! Bloem 36 oz. Aqua Rite Watering Cans Set of 12 Union Red You have to make sure you will get the best price by comparing Bloem 36 oz. Aqua Rite Watering Cans Set of 12 Union Red price over the online source. You have to create certain you're addressing the foremost reliable search or store before shopping for "Bloem 36 oz. Aqua Rite Watering Cans Set of 12 Union Red" Research well before purchasing online Bloem 36 oz. Aqua Rite Watering Cans Set of 12 Union Red. Make sure the client support is often there to assist you once you place

Bloem 36 oz. Aqua Rite Watering Cans Set of 12 Union Red

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