"Blue Visuals" Gel Brush Canvas Wall Art by Sanjay Patel 30"x40"

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IMPRESSIVE Deal "Blue Visuals" Gel Brush Canvas Wall Art by Sanjay Patel, 30"x40"

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This beautifully crafted contemporary piece Blue Visuals by Sanjay Patel is Gel Brush Finish and is gallery-wrapped on canvas, 30X40 measuring 1.5-inches deep. It is made in Toronto & packaged with care and is shipped to you ready to hang on your wall. This exclusive art by Sanjay P. is made by ecofriendly processes and materials. Signed by the artist exclusively brought to you by ArtMaison Canada. About the artist, Sanjay is a Canadian of Indian descent, residing in between Hamilton and Toronto. His main focus for, "Live Art" is to capture the atmosphere and energy of the particular events he attends. This talented artist is also carving a path with his one-of-a-kind commissioned work; a unique experience that offers the client a custom abstract representation of their energy, tastes and personality, while taking into consideration the current colour, lighting, and space in the room. Save money on

"Blue Visuals" Gel Brush Canvas Wall Art by Sanjay Patel 30"x40"

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