Cupcake Ceramic 10" Clock Keep Life Sweet Chocolate

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-One of my most popular designs made bigger! This is a round ceramic clock too cute for any wall or table top cupcakes..yumm!-Takes about 10-12 days to ship!-Batteries included in every clock order.-This 10" handmade ceramic clock, can hang on the wall or put on a stand.-This ceramic cupcake clock with stamped cupcakes and words is so sweet. Great for any room, available in your colors too of different cupcakes.-Handmade item-Materials: clay, glaze, clock works-Made to order-Please refer to last images to view selected colors. Shop a huge selection of Cupcake Ceramic 10" Clock Keep Life Sweet Chocolate deals immediately. We've got Cupcake Ceramic 10" Clock Keep Life Sweet Chocolate plus more! You have to make sure you will get the best price by comparing Cupcake Ceramic 10" Clock Keep Life Sweet Chocolate price over the online source. You have to form positive you'll get the most effective value by comparison Cupcake Ceramic 10" Clock Keep Life Sweet Chocolate. Make sure the shop keep your personal data non-public before you purchase Cupcake Ceramic 10" Clock Keep Life Sweet Chocolate.
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