DecorShore 20" Jewel Tone Accent Wall Mirror Fired Gold

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The perfect accent mirror for any room! Zoom in to see the unparalleled detail each dazzling glass tile contains! Each handmade jewel tone glass mosaic mirror adds elegant touches of contemporary style to any room or wall. Durable glass tile on wood frame ensures this unique 20" mirror reflects your excellent taste for years to come. Pressed Metal-Look in each sparkling tile. Mosaic Tiles are hand laid for an authentic look that cannot be replicated. The mosaic frame provides the perfect splash of color to match existing decor. However, make no mistake, this artisan mirror is perfectly capable of making a design statement all its' own. If you like a whole lot, you'll love the cost on

DecorShore 20" Jewel Tone Accent Wall Mirror Fired Gold!

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DecorShore 20" Jewel Tone Accent Wall Mirror Fired Gold.

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