Deluxe Class Antique Copper Porthole Mirror 20'' Decorative Porthole Mirror

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Show more product details Deluxe Class Antique Copper Porthole Mirror 20'', Decorative Porthole Mirror Bed comforter through the fairly start. The merchandise is the perfect epitome of typically the that is incredible. : Make sure the shop keep your personal info personal before you get

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This Deluxe Class Antique Copper Porthole Mirror 20'' adds sophistication, style, and charm for those looking to enhance rooms with a nautical theme. This boat porthole has a sturdy, heavy and authentic appearance, yet it is made of copper and can easily be hung to grace any nautical theme wall. This porthole mirror makes a fabulous style statement in any room with its classic round frame, twelve metal-like rivets and two dog ears. This marine porthole mirror has an 14'' diameter and 4.25'' deep when dog-ears are attached, 2'' deep without dog ears attached.--Dimensions: 20'' Long x 2'' Wide x 20'' High---- Functional porthole mirror that will reflect the light in any space-- -- Handcrafted and hand-painted antique copper by our master artisans-- Decorative yet fully functional port hole mirror decoration-- Realistic nautical decor - modeled after an antique 19th-century ship's porthole-- -- Great porthole wall decor and an instant conversation piece---- We've shopped the world wide web for you, pulling plenty of styles, brands, and deals for

Deluxe Class Antique Copper Porthole Mirror 20'' Decorative Porthole Mirror

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