Filter Housing 20" For Water Systems and Hydroponics Blue/Black 3/4" Ports w/PR

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See more description Filter Housing 20" For Water Systems and Hydroponics, Blue/Black 3/4" Ports w/PR A Listing Of Do's And Don'ts For On the web Purchasers Have you attempted to go shopping : Make sure the shop keep your personal info personal before you get

Holiday Shopping Special: Filter Housing 20" For Water Systems and Hydroponics, Blue/Black 3/4" Ports w/PR

Hydronix HF5-20BLBK34PR (with Pressure Relief Button) Blue Filter Housings are made to house 2.5" x 20 cartridges. Most 2.5" x 20 cartridges fit easily. Ideal for typical applications as pre and post-filtration for RO reverse osmosis systems, under sink filters, countertop systems, hydroponics, ice machines, food service and other applications. Hydronix HF5 Series Filter Housings have pressure relief (PR) buttons available. Applications: Reverse Osmosis, Hydroponics, Residential Plumbing, Photography, Beverage, Ice maker, Misting Units, RVs, and many more. Materials of Construction: Opaque Housings: Polypropylene, Clear Housings: San | Cap: Polypropylene | O-Ring: EPDM. If you like a large amount, then you'll definitely love the price on

Filter Housing 20" For Water Systems and Hydroponics Blue/Black 3/4" Ports w/PR!

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Filter Housing 20" For Water Systems and Hydroponics Blue/Black 3/4" Ports w/PR.

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