Houdini Houdini Corkscrew Metallic Red

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The Houdini Corkscrew (Metallic Red) is a high-quality lever-style corkscrew and works like magic. Push down, pull up and presto--the cork is out of the bottle! Push down, pull up again and shazam--the cork is off the corkscrew!-Opens Any Size Bottle All Ear Teeth Made of Hardened Metal & Houdini Corkscrew Has Been Tested for 20,000 Cork Pulls by Independent Laboratory-The Houdini Corkscrew Is Packaged in an Attractive Plastic Gift/Storage Box, & Includes an Extra Spiral & a Matching Foil Cutter-Metallic Red New sales and deals! Shop has spectacular Houdini Houdini Corkscrew Metallic Red sales, specials, and deals. Hurry and acquire them before they may be gone! Research well before buying on-line

Houdini Houdini Corkscrew Metallic Red.

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Houdini Houdini Corkscrew Metallic Red.

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