Italian Fruit Ceramic Vase

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Italian Fruit Ceramic VaseOrigin: Umbria, ItalySize: 8 inches tall by 8 inch diameterThis lovely hand painted ceramic vase is made in a small family factory near Assisi in the Umbria region of Italy. This factory uses a special process that fires each piece for one additional time (for a total of three firings instead of the usual two) with a clear coat glaze to give it an extra shiny finish. The design varies around the entire piece, so be sure to click on the larger photo link to see views from three different sides.Pair with any of the collection from the Umbria region -- Alcantara, Frutta Mista, Melograno and Frutta -- as they all complement each other in a display. Perfect for your fireplace mantle.History: The region of Umbria is one of the most famous areas in Italy for hand-made ceramics. The pieces in our Umbria Collection come from a small, hill town near Assisi. This small, family factory has been making ceramics for generations, and has their own process for finishing each piece. After each piece is completed, it is dipped in a clear coat and then high fired for a third time, adding a beautiful shine to the brightly colored ceramics. Traditionally, Italian ceramics are only high fired twice; a third firing adds extra protection and strength. Find great prices on Italian Fruit Ceramic Vase as well as other Italian Fruit Ceramic Vase deals on Shop. You have to make sure you will get the best price by comparing

Italian Fruit Ceramic Vase

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