Ivory Onyx Versailles Patterns Travertine Honed Tiles 32 Sq. ft.

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-Pattern - Honed - Travertine Versailles Patterns - Multicolor Ivory Onyx, Travertine Versailles Patterns-Versailles pattern sizes are 8x8, 8x16, 16x16, 16x24.-Color: Multicolor-Size: Pattern, Pattern sizes include different sizes. Thickness 1/2"-Type/Finish: Honed-Style: Ivory Onyx Travertine-Country of Origin: TurkeyApplication and Other: First Quality, Luxurious, Natural, Carefully Prepared NSF Certified, Greenguard indoor quality certified, Natural Stone Disclaimer. To ease installation and design, these travertine tiles are sold as a kit with a variety of sizes and shapes to easily replicate intricate patterns. These sets are ideal to create warm patios, walkways, and entries. Coordinates with a variety of other hardscaping materials.This is a natural stone you may get slightly different color than the picture. Save money on

Ivory Onyx Versailles Patterns Travertine Honed Tiles 32 Sq. ft.

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