Modern Metal Art 'Twirled Angle' Ground Metal Layered Silver Decor

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Hollywood style on an every day budget! Twirled Angle is an original metal artwork meticulously cut, ground, textured and sanded in Cincinnati, Ohio by contemporary metal artist Helena Martin. The modern and contemporary style triptych display features a geometric multi-layered design crafted from indoor/outdoor aluminum with layered artistic grind patterns. The silver metallic surface is very receptive to light, as the scratched grooves of the grind pattern create movement and depth with a 3D holographic effect throughout the swirls design. You will create a fascinating dislay that your guests can't help but notice.This modern metal wall art can hang in any orientation and is the perfect decor for an upscale, contemporary setting. The interesting abstract imagery creates the perfect conversation starter, and achieves the ultimate 'Wow Factor' for both residential and commercial applications.Size/Style: Small - 15W x 13H x 1.5D (inches) - Modern Metal Art on Ground MetalDetail: Original multiple series with intricate grind patterns applied. Pattern will be replicated free-hand by the artist on each piece, to closely resemble the photograph.Made in USA: 100% crafted from start to finish in our Cincinnati art studio. Certificate of Authenticity and 1 Year Manufacturer Parts Warranty included.Mounting: Hangs easily from nails, screws, hooks or french cleats with sawtooth brackets and padded spacers on back; artwork will float about 1/2in off wall. Lightweight aluminum substrate.Finish/Care: Suitable for indoor/outdoor use; weather and fade resistant finish. Artistic metallic finish on ground metal. Easy cleaning: wipe with soft/clean cotton cloth; use warm water & mild hand/dish soap if needed.Note from the Makers: We are all about quality work & happy customers. We are eager to work with you on any questions, concerns or customizations. We ship worldwide. If you're keen on a good deal, then you'll definitely love the purchase price on

Modern Metal Art 'Twirled Angle' Ground Metal Layered Silver Decor!

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Modern Metal Art 'Twirled Angle' Ground Metal Layered Silver Decor.

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