Neman Crystal 8.8Oz. Crystal Wine Glasses 6-Piece Set

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Neman Crystal TM6701, 8.8-Ounce Crystal Wine Glasses, 6-Piece Set offers unmatched drinking experience for you and your guests. Lavishly facetted walls make any beverage reveal the deepest nuances of its colour and texture. Durable and easy care, this drinkware is a valuable addition to any private or commercial collection. Neman factory has built its international fame by supplying high quality glass and crystal products since 1883. A synonym for fine craftsmanship, today Neman Crystal is a core of old traditions enveloped in advanced technologies.-Made from crystal-High quality drinkware-Rich, sophisticated design-Ideal for festive occasions-Made in Belarus -Height: 6.4"; Diameter: 3.1"; Capacity: 8.8 oz Save funds on

Neman Crystal 8.8Oz. Crystal Wine Glasses 6-Piece Set

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