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287 Plain finely crafted curtain rods are available in four sizes. 21-35 inch, 36-60 inch, 61-112 inch and 113-130 inch. Rod lengths do not include the Silhouette or Finial ends. Standard end bracket mounting hardware and screws are included unless an alternate rod mounting hardware is selected. Our curtain rods are decorative, functional, long lasting and handcrafted in the USA using the finest materials and time- tested methods of craftsmanship. Quality and durability are priorities for our products. Our coated products have one of the most long-lasting finishes available - a flat black baked-on powder coated finish that will last for many years. Silhouette approximate size is 1/8 Inch W x 1 3/4. Rod diameter is .50 inch. Silhouettes are welded in place for added security. Standard Center Support mounting hardware and screws are included for curtain rods 61 inches and longer unless alternate mounting hardware is selected. Supporting American Workers where the timeless trade of ironworking can still be found. You have to make sure you will get the best price by comparing

Plain Curtain Rod

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Plain Curtain Rod

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