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AMERICAN MASTER WEAVER TINA PUCKETT is a self-taught artist who has been weaving since 1981.Tina is much influenced by the bittersweet vine that grows locally in the northwest corner of Connecticut where she lives. The character of each piece of vine literally dictates what form each basket, bowl, wall sculpture or piece of furniture will take. As Tina then applies her imagination and sense of color to the structural form and to the weaving, indescribably dynamic and colorful works of art emerge.Items are handmade. Please note that there may be slight variations Shop numerous Quadrilateral Art Decor deals simultaneously. We've got Quadrilateral Art Decor and much more! You have to make sure you will get the best price by comparing Quadrilateral Art Decor price over the online source. You have to create certain you'll get the simplest value by comparison Quadrilateral Art Decor. Make sure the shop keep your personal data non-public before you get Quadrilateral Art Decor.
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