Riedel Vinum Red and White Wine Glass Collection 8-Piece Set

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Riedel Vinum Red & White Wine Glass Collection (S/8) 711 87 08The perfect set! Enjoy your most prized reds and whites with this set of 4 Riedel Vinum Chardonnay and 4 Riedel Vinum Cabernet / Merlot / Bordeaux Vinum Wine Glasses.Riedel Vinum Wine Glasses make every drop of wine taste its best. Riedel revolutionized glassware by customizing the shape of wine glasses to a particular type of wine. Each wine glass is fine-tuned to direct the flow of the wine onto parts of the palate that will best express the flavors and aromas of a specific wine varietal. The fine crystal offers superb clarity so you can experience the wine's color and texture. Moreover, all machine made Vinum stems are completely dishwasher safe.The Riedel Vinum Chardonnay wine glass is perfect for dry white wines, including Chablis and lighter-style Chardonnay. Its narrow rim directs the flow of wine toward the mid-palate, allowing you to appreciate the balance of fruit flavors and acidity. The subtle elongation of the bowl captures the complex characters of the wine's aromas.Recommended for: Bordeaux (white), Burgundy (white), Chablis, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Pinot (Blanc, Grigio, Gris), Viognier.The Riedel Vinum Cabernet / Merlot / Bordeaux wine glass is ideal for full-bodied, complex red wines that are high in alcohol and tannins. The generous size allows the wine to aerate in the glass and the bouquet to develop fully. The shape of the rim directs the flow of the wine to the front palate to enhance sweetness, thus accentuating the fruit while softening bitter tannins.Recommended for: Bordeaux (red), Brunello di Montalcino, Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc.Set Includes:-4 Riedel Vinum Chardonnay - 7-3/4"H, 12-3/8 oz.-4 Riedel Vinum Cabernet / Merlot / Bordeaux - 8-7/8"H, 21-1/2 oz.Specifications :-Suggested Wine Varietals: Chardonnay, Cabernet/Merlot/Bordeaux-Set Count: 8-Overall Height: Chardonnay - 7-3/4"; Cabernet/Merlot/Bordeaux - 8-7/8"-Capacity: Chardonnay - 12-3/8 oz.; Cabernet/Merlot/Bordeaux - 21-1/2 oz.-Workmanship: Machine Made-Care: Dishwasher Safe-Like most fine crystal glassware, some of our glassware contain lead. So in accordance with Proposition 65, we issue the following warning to our California customers: "Warning: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm." Save cash

Riedel Vinum Red and White Wine Glass Collection 8-Piece Set

We've found the very best online deals. Research well before purchasing online Riedel Vinum Red and White Wine Glass Collection 8-Piece Set. Make sure the shop keep your personal data non-public before you get Riedel Vinum Red and White Wine Glass Collection 8-Piece Set. Make sure you'll proceed mastercard on-line to shop for Riedel Vinum Red and White Wine Glass Collection 8-Piece Set and the store protects your info from fraudulents. You have to create positive you may get the most effective worth by scrutiny Riedel Vinum Red and White Wine Glass Collection 8-Piece Set.
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