Sarto Galant 1401 Interior Door Mocaccino Ash 18"x80" Right Hand

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-Material: Solid pine-Coating: Laminated Wood/Wood Veneer/Enamel-Set includes: slab, casings (3" wide), jamb (for any wall thickness), hinges, magnetic lock, italian handle of your choice-We can manufacture many custom doors with wides from 18" to 36", heights from 76" to 100", just contact us-Elegant light classic - so you can characterize the collection GALANT-Rectilinear forms of these doors are deprived of all sorts of excesses-These popular classic models perfectly complement any contemporary interior with classic overtonesAnd these are not empty words: the collection is presented in more than thirty-five finishes, including natural veneer, enamel and other modern coatingsThis Interior Door model comes in the following configurations: Single Swing Door, Double Swing Door, Single Pocket Door, Double Pocket Door, Bi-fold door, Sliding Barn Door Save money on

Sarto Galant 1401 Interior Door Mocaccino Ash 18"x80" Right Hand

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