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From the opalescent treasures of ancient Egypt and Rome to the objects of art created by the contemporary glass studio at Correia, the art of glassblowing has survived almost unchanged. In the 6,000 year old freehand-blowing tradition of these cultures, and other magnificent objects of the past from the Islamic world, Venice and Bohemia, Correia glass continues the perfect union of art and craft. It is of the highest quality and the most elegant design. The visual allure of Correia Art Glass, its bewitching form and tactile sensation make it a work of art to be cherished.At Correia, the tools and methods of applying hot glass to hot glass by skilled artisans remain the same, but greatly perfected by advances in furnace and glass technology. Correia uses no molds, making each glass object a unique handmade creation. Therefore, every Correia piece is signed, dated and registered to verify its authenticity, protecting its value for the future.**Colors and sizes may vary as they are hand blown glass. Looking for a whole lot on Vase XL Elite Amber We've found the top deals Vase XL Elite Amber from around the web. Research well before buying on-line

Vase XL Elite Amber

Make sure the shop keep your personal data non-public before you get

Vase XL Elite Amber

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